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, small change. i think it's for posturing more than anything. >> yesterday, a white house spokesman tried sequester tours into context. >> both the seat of government, the residence of the leader of the country but also a museum. and it is a shame that because of the sequester those tour also no longer take place. i will tell you that the people at the president is most concerned about are the 750,000 americans who stand to lose their jobs. >> cutting white house tours is going to save less than $100,000 a week. so the speaker of the house has continued to publicly call the administration out basically saying down at the capitol they plan properly so the tours are going to remain astlaivel for anyone who wants one. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: thanks so much, tucker. i thought you were kidding last week. i said they should leave it up to all the different departments. no the first thing they will do is cut the washington monument. >> they will close the grand canyon. >> alisyn: i thought you were exaggerating. the first thing they do is is close the white house. >> tucker: actually
changed his story. and i cut myself and i just wanted to impress her. >> bottle of wine for crying out loud. that's all you have got to do. >> wait a minute. it's a fox news alert. it's that simple. a little wine and jona you are having a good time. >> it was stupid thing to do if we start hauling everyone off in handcuffs the jails will be too full for real criminals. >> >> i agree it was wrong and should have fallen on his sword. >> alisyn: figuratively. arthur makes a great point if we start looking up all sort of male ridiculousness the jails would be way overcrowded. >> then you would have nobody to date. you can't waste police time like that. >> somebody could have actually gotten hurt. you don't want somebody jumping around with a knife. punched him in a face one time. >> alisyn: i'm glad we have resolved all of this. arthur aidala. jonah, i think we have learned that there could be a love connection here guys. go to the green room. >> i like red. >> alisyn: heater stopping close encounter. whoa! >> oh my god. oh my god. [bleep] stand back, stand back. >> that gray white shark g
the patient very well. you know what the patients are allergic to medication. subtle changes in doses and good communication, that obviously is transmitted. if there is a breakdown in communication, or notes are not clear or patients are moving from ward to ward and there isn't the knowledge of those patients, then that's when the errors can happen. that was the thing the study revealed in the shorter work hours you don't learn as much about the patient. you have already mentioned that doesn't ask the right question. how can working shorter hours. i would think working hundred hours a week how could you not work the right questions if you are working shorter hours? >> from past experience. when i was working 100 hours a week in the hospital. when you are busy the adrenaline is flowing. that's what keeps you flowing. when you stop and go home, that's when the tiredness kicks. in key communication is the issue here. also we know with residents when they are working shifts, they are often working night shifts and education during the day can suffer if they're spending less time in the hospital. >
. the lawyers are not finished and they are asking for him to have his sheets changed each day. >> talk about not biting, president obama passing on the lavish lobster lunch with senator republicans because the official taste tester was not there to try it. tell us about this. >> the maine senator, senator collins said the president looked ated food but he passed. everyone joked and said everyone was a tester and if it was poise opened they would have keeled over but he did not bite. who knew the president of the united states as a taster. it is good to be king. >>alisyn: does every president have a taster? >> i don't know. if a bunch of senators are sitting there and eating the same thing, you are safe, no? >> i guess you cannot track where the pie came from. we know from watching tv that poisoning can occur at the dinner table with dignitaries. >> if you regard yourself as so important you cannot eat the same food as a senator because it could be dangerous, what does it say? >>alisyn: it says this is where clayton gets all his knowledge -- from tv. >> a superstar of republicans taking cente
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5